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Today, online casinos that work with cryptocurrency are gaining more and more popularity. Bitcoin casinos are resources that provide the opportunity to win money after making an initial deposit to start playing. Bitcoin casinos give you a small capital to start gambling.

With this, you can try to get rich without risking your hard-earned funds. In this review, we will look at the best bitcoin casino without your financial investment, as well as find out their features, advantages and disadvantages. If you want to play in casinos using ADA, check the best Cardano casino sites on

What is a Bitcoin casino?

There are many varieties of online casinos – they can be distinguished by withdrawals, games, bets and more. You need to understand why bitcoin casinos are singled out as a separate variety. Online gambling establishments on cryptocurrency can be divided into two categories. The first group includes clubs with a mandatory deposit in bitcoins.

A more attractive alternative is free satoshi casinos without investments. The source of replenishment of the account with cryptocurrency in them is no deposit bonuses or faucets.

The specific bitcoin casino terminology requires additional explanation for players who first start playing in online gambling clubs. Consider popular terms:

  • satoshi – an analogue of a penny or a cent, is one hundred millionth (10-8) of a bitcoin;
  • faucet – a site where for certain actions (visiting, viewing ads, clicks, etc.) the user receives cryptocurrency for free;
  • wager – the amount of money that must be spent on bets in order to withdraw winnings from the bonus.

Below we will look at the main differences between a bitcoin casino and a regular gambling site:

1. Cryptocurrency is used as a means of payment. Including bitcoin. Therefore, each player is required to create a bitcoin wallet and be able to use it.

2. Anonymous games and bets are possible. Blockchain systems promote anonymity. It is impossible to track the translations made here. Cancellation of transactions is also not provided. This allows you to bet without revealing any information about the players.

3. Proven honesty. Any player can mathematically prove that the results were not tampered with and that no one was able to influence the game. It was originally used for playing dice, but then began to be used in other versions.

4. Low advantage compared to traditional gambling platforms. This does not apply to all projects, but bitcoin casinos have a smaller advantage over players compared to classic options.

5. Crowdfunding. Some bitcoin casinos use the principle of crowdfunding. Users invest in the project, which benefits both parties. Depositors receive additional profit, and the casino can afford to make higher rates through additional funding.

6. Protection from scammers and hacking. Of course, a bitcoin wallet, if desired, can be hacked. But the protection here is much better than in the case of classical platforms.

7. Creating your own electronic wallet that works with BTC. This can be a specialized Bitcoin Core/Wallet payment instrument (for mobile devices) or a universal option – Webmoney, for example.

A no deposit bonus is used by the casino as a sign up bait. A really large amount in cryptocurrency can be received only after repeated replenishment of a personal account. The best way to play bitcoin casino games for free without investment with a no deposit bonus and a faucet is to bring cryptocurrency received for free through specialized web resources – which we will discuss below.

Best bitcoin casinos features

When selecting cryptocurrency online casinos, important criteria are:

  • a large selection of games and manufacturers;
  • extensive bonus policy of the club;
  • number of payment instruments;
  • a variety of game currencies, including cryptocurrencies;
  • terms and limits on deposit/withdrawal of funds;
  • minimum deposit in satoshi;
  • the presence of a bitcoin crane (Faucet), as part of the bonus system.

Let’s look at best crypto casino in the detail.

Fairplay is a popular blockchain casino for gamblers and bitcoin lovers.

Pros of Fairplay Casino

  • Fairplay Bitcoin casino is based on the True Play blockchain. This is the first such system designed specifically for the gambling and entertainment industry. True Play already has a provable fairness algorithm built in. And the main goal of the creators of this blockchain is to ensure fair play.
  • Fiat for deposits and withdrawals is not yet available. But it is possible to play for BTC and ETH coins.
  • The game is played for TPLAY tokens used as chips. The exchange rate is 1000 tokens for 1 BTC.
  • The casino has a license to conduct games (issued by the autonomy of Curacao).
  • User rights are protected by Goldenrod Securities Ltd. It operates under license from the Kawanake Gaming Commission.
  • There is a 24/7 support service. It works around the clock, responds quickly and helps in solving many problems.
  • Beginning players are provided with bonuses, the size of which depends on the size of the deposit.
  • There are many different games available, and their number is constantly increasing.

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